A complete solution


Gameo Pro manages lone worker alerts 24/7 for 365 days a year, with three Emergency Response Centers based in Canada, France and Switzerland.

The safety of your workers is supported with an end-to-end solution, from initial alert through coordination with emergency services. On the online platform, you can define and directly update emergency response protocols specific to your organization, workers and scenarios.

An integrated solution

Managing lone worker alerts is a job. It’s certainly not your employees’. Gameo Pro one of the only integrated solutions available:

For your company, lone worker safety is simpler to manage and, above all, more reliable and effective.

+25,000 alerts managed

Experience is essential in the emergency field. For Gameo, it comes from its 3 Emergency Response Centers (Europe and North America).

Direct onsite calling

AI identifies the site and instantly modifies the emergency protocol. The agent contacts the onsite contact directly for greater responsiveness.

Proximity help

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the agent calls the nearest available colleague directly.

AI as our operation Teammate

Achieving 100% quality for alert management is a complex task that requires planning for the human factor. Gameo’s AI acts as a teammate that helps the agents:

Connect with your processes

Gameo Pro can be integrated with Slack. While the Emergency Response Center manages the alert, you have visibility in real time, with access to all key information. Slack facilitates enhanced coordination, for greater responsiveness.

For lone workers at high-risk sites, you can manage the alerts within your organization directly with our emergency system. This enables responders to operate faster and more effectively to rescue the person.

See it in action

Watch how an innovative mobile application, a 24/7 agent-led emergency response and a comprehensive platform work together in a live demo.