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Lone Worker Solution and its 4 generations 

The future is here

Lone Worker Solutions have evolved from walkie-talkies and specialized devices to Gameo’s innovation of a dematerialized solution. We understand that the widespread use of smartphones and emergence of connected devices opens up new opportunities for better performance and convenience.

1st generation
Radio equipment

The original lone worker devices, with limited functionality (man-down).

2nd generation
Safety devices

The cellular versions, some with GPS, first appeared on the market in 2008.

3rd generation
Mobile applications

Safety became dematerialized in 2012, with mobile apps that use smartphone sensors to support enhanced capabilities.

Each new generation ushers in breakthroughs for performance, simplicity, convenience, and sometimes affordability, which make older solutions obsolete.

Introducing Gameo Pro, the 4th generation of Lone Worker Solutions. We call this Contactless Safety—no more buttons or icons necessary, scan a QR code or use your voice to activate features. When an alert is triggered, Gameo Pro naturally interacts with the environment. An Emergency Response Center agent calls the site’s security center, or nearest available coworker, and shares the worker’s precise location, even inside a building. No more wasted time coordinating communications and resources: Gameo Pro’s 4th generation capabilities cut response time in half.

See it in action

Watch how an innovative mobile application, a 24/7 agent-led emergency response and a comprehensive platform work together in a live demo.