Get a more accurate position

Gameo Pro utilizes dual hybrid modes to quickly and precisely locate any worker who triggers an alert: reinforced GPS and indoor positioning.

The goal is to find the worker ‘within an acceptable time’ using this location information. Gameo Pro works without tracking (permanent monitoring) to assure respect for the data privacy requirements. Workers gain the confidence of knowing Gameo Pro is exclusively designed for lone worker safety.


Reinforced GPS

Gameo Pro leverages the GPS technology that is installed on every smartphone. Accuracy is optimized using multiple advanced algorithms to make all the difference in situations usually encountered by lone workers:

This Reinforced GPS function was developed in close collaboration with engineers from SiRF Technology, a US-based pioneer in commercial GPS technology applications.


Indoor positioning

Reinforced GPS can identify which building an alert comes from. Indoor positioning goes a step further, to precisely indicate the floor, area or even exact room inside the building. The worker can be rescued faster.

This positioning technology utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, which are connected devices (IoT) that are easy to install onsite and feature a minimum 2-year battery life. Following a rapid and standardized deployment, you can manage indoor positioning directly from your online platform.

Our hybrid technology solution that combines reinforced GPS with indoor positioning delivers optimal performance in a worker safety role.

Experience that makes a difference

Our references

Since 2017, Gameo has demonstrated unique expertise in complex deployments, ranging from a 50,000 sqm
global headquarters building to a multi-level data center housed in an underground silo:

See it in action

Watch how an innovative mobile application, a 24/7 agent-led emergency response and a comprehensive platform work together in a live demo.