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Lone workers and data

An effective lone worker solution requires collecting and processing personal data, including phone numbers, user names and GPS positions. That means protecting physical safety goes hand in hand with ensuring digital security and data privacy. 

Data standards like PIPEDA (Canada), GDPR (UE), nLPD (Switzerland) and general best practices for cybersecurity are essential for any enterprise-ready Lone Worker Solution.

Lone Worker Solution meets compliance

Gameo supports compliance across multiple standards with enhanced security assured by:

Gameo provides you with clear and precise answers on the compliance of our Lone Worker Solution.

Cybersecurity: a priority for Gameo

Media attention highlighting increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks demonstrates how perilous today’s data environment is. Gameo is responding by integrating the most advanced methodologies, expertise and technology solutions to assure data protection.

As a pioneer of mobile device Lone Worker Safety, Gameo supports innovation with a culture of cybersecurity designed to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. We help both large enterprises and small businesses stay safe and in compliance.