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Continuous innovation

Creating a new market


Our first breakthrough—Gameo launches the first solution in Europe that combines positioning with emergency assistance. Gameo Pro can be installed on any Nokia mobile phone.


We debut the first indoor positioning solution that uses a smartphone. Initial deployment at an aluminum production facility.

Progress via disruption


Gameo launches the market’s first Lone Worker Solution, iPhone and Android compatible.


We innovate the first Lone Worker Solution that uses the cloud (Microsoft Azure) to integrate a complete ecosystem of connected devices.


Gameo integrates AI into our emergency system processes, then into our entire solution, for a new level of safety performance.


We design and deploy the first smartphone-based solution that uses LoRa (IoT technology).


We file a patent for Contactless Safety using QR codes—it’s another demonstration of our commitment to advancing the technology that powers effective lone worker safety strategies.

The Gameo team combines world-class technological mastery with unique expertise built through many years of listening to our customers’ company managers, users in the field, and agents handling alerts 24 hours a day. We never stand still in our journey to make safety faster, simpler, and better.